Aliwagwag Wasserfälle in Cateel

Cateel is the home of the Aliwagwag Falls, located at barangay Aliwagwag within the Aliwagwag Protected Landscape.

It is a towering waterfalls considered by hydraulic engineers as the highest in the country and regarded as one of the most beautiful falls in Mindanao. It is a series of 84 falls appearing like stairway to heaven with various heights among the steps ranging from 2 to 33.5 metres (7 to 110 ft).

One step is measured 22 metres (72 ft) and another is 20 metres (66 ft). Overall Aliwagwag Falls has a height of 340 metres (1,120 ft) and a width of 20 metres (66 ft). All these in the midst of virgin forest, with a river at the foot of the falls. 13 rapids to cross.