Auf der Jagd nach Wasserfällen am Mt. Isarog

Episode 01 of 04 of the Camarines Sur Adventure featuring Mount Isarog Natural Park, CamSur Deer Breeding Farm, and the Consocep Falls, which forms part of Destination: Philippines, a weekly one-hour ecotourism and responsible travel television program, created and produced by RV925 Ventures in 2012 for NET 25.

By and large, Destination: Philippines highlights, first and foremost, development efforts in the country’s long list of great travel destinations, updates on activities and news regarding Philippine ecotourism, over and above significant environmental and social concerns.

On the whole, Destination: Philippines is more than a travelogue. It does not only offers TV viewers with loads of relevant information on some of the country’s most opulent sought after “hotspots,” it also seeks to raise awareness about being socially and ecologically responsible while traveling.

Destination: Philippines, in effect, endeavors to positively portray Philippines as a must-see travel destination at home and internationally, not only because of its enviable, extraordinary and impressive tourism potentials but also due to its vital and substantial efforts to make travel and tourism more sustainable.

In essence, Destination: Philippines is about having fun on vacation without hurting the environment!




VIDEO (15:26) von Limon Valeros a.k.a. Pinoy Underground