Die Cambugahay Wasserfälle in Siquijor

Today we will be exploring Cambugahay Falls, which can be found in siquijor in the philippines. Cambugahay falls is a absolutely amazing place to spend your day. If you plan on vising siquijor then make this spot top of your priority’s.

In cambugahay falls you will find rope swings to jump in the water from and also rubber rings to lie in. The water is so blue just like in pictures. The water is a lovely refreshing temperature perfect for cooling down. There is also places to eat and drink here so that you dont have to move anywhere.

Cambugahay Falls made for a special day exploring around the philippines and has made us fall in love with siquijor island and exploring siquijor is just a absolutly amazing experience.

Siquijor is heaven on earth and i cannot imagine another island being better so this place must be the best island in the philippines so go and explore siquijor.




VIDEO (8:30) von Coshan Uncharted