Seltene Waffen der Philippinen

Weapons of the Armed Forces of the Philippines
Rare infantry Weapons designed in the Republic of the Philippines ( Republika ng Pilipinas ) between 1899 and 2017. Including from Ferdinand Marcos and Rodrigo Duterte era.
Sources: Modern Weapons :
Shooters Arms Sentinel – MSSR
Ferfrans Specialties Mini Commando
Ferfrans Specialties PDW
Ferfrans Specialties SCW 
Ferfrans Specialties SOACR
Ferfrans Specialties HVLAR
JP Factory 9mm SMG –
Government Arsenal – Safariland Corporation MP9-SAW Special Action Weapon 
Safariland Corp KEVCOR M-4 (CAR-09)
Floro PDW
Floro Mk-9 / MP-9
Floro FIC-203
Metro Arms AK-2000
GA SDMR Designated Marksman Rifle
Shooters Arms Patrol Shotgun
Shooters Arms X-9
Shooters Arms SA-9P
Shooters Arms SAS-12 / SAS-12 Tactical 
Shooters Arms Armada / Trail Blazer
Shooters Arms Sentinel

SB 110 Rocket Launch System 
Steelcraft Hari Digma APC Armored Personnel Carrier from 2001 – 2002
Steelcraft MX-1 Kalakian APC
Obi Mapua and Partners Model 5 Type 1 UAV-RPV (Assunta)from 1996-97 / 2002
Naval Warships:
Pugo-Class Hovercraft
Coastal-Riverine-Overland Craft CROC-X


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