Musik der Frösche

A Tala-anding bamboo instrument called KOKAK.


The TALA-ANDIG are one of several indigenous groups in the province of Bukidnon, Mindanao, who have continued to preserve and promote their indigenous customs, beliefs and practices despite the strong influx of modernization and change.

The Tala-andig population is roughly estimated to be at about 100,000 people or more. The members of the group are found in the barangays and municipalities surrounding the mountain of Kitanglad, the historic domain of the Tala-andig people. They are semi-settled upland agriculturalists. Their traditional crops include corn, rice, root crops, abaca and banana. These crops are usually produced at consumption levels.

The Tala-andig technology includes blacksmithing, weaving, embroidery, hunting and food gathering. The belief of the Tala-andig in the existence of gods and spirits is reflected in all aspects of their life, and their learning system is embodied in various forms of oral traditions. These include nanangen (narratives), ulaging (epics), sala (poetic songs) and songs called Idangdang. Limbay are particular songs about animals.


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