Der Leichen-Habal-Habal-Fahrer von Diwalwal

Meet “Satanas” or Satan of the Philippines.

He is a habal-habal driver from Compostela Valley, Davao de Oro. A habal-habal is a motorcycle, usually installed with wooden wings to carry more passengers. It is a mode of transportation here in the Philippines especially in the remote areas of the country such as the mountains of Davao Region. Aside from carrying people, it is also use to transport goods from or to the mountains. By being a driver, he can earn ₱200.00 from each of his passengers. On top of that are the payments for the goods that he transports. However, for him, there is more than just that. He said, it is his calling to help the people in the mountains by taking their dead ones down to the center of their remote town, Monkayo. Not minding the smell and the presence of the dead on his back as he rides his motorcycle, he is doing this job since 1996. Thus, he is named by Netizens as “Satanas”.


VIDEO (14:37) von magmanews .com

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