Exklusive Reiseinspirationen

Here are some insights of our trip:

We stayed at Vellago Resort, a small and exclusive boutique hotel at 7 Commando Beach (http://vellago.com/). It has only 4 rooms with a nice set-up incl. the bar and the dinners. The food is delicious and the staff is very friendly and helpful. During the day, the beach can get busy with all the tour boats stepping by, but in the morning and in the late afternoon it is very quite again. We stayed there 10 days and had a good time. If you plan a nice trip with your love we recommend to stay there. Keep in mind you can only get there by boat. 
We have travelled all over, staying in every class of hotel but when we hit Vellago it was pure paradise. We felt immediately at home. We were supposed to only stay 2 ...
The hotel organised two private boat tours for us. We did a combination of tour A and C and a combination of tour B and D. The combination gave us the chance to set up our own island hopping tour, which was great. Even though tours A or C are more popular. we liked the places at tour B and D better. They have more beautiful beaches and you do not cross by so many other tour boats. If you go with kids, we also recommend to go for tour B and D or simply ask for a private island hopping tour :-). We rented a motorcycle to explore the Island a little bit. Next to Nacpan Beach, Duli Beach, Mariposa Beach and Verde Safari Beach, we found many untouched beaches and beautiful reefs to snorkel. Most of the roads are dirt roads, with dust on hot days and mud on rainy days. Kayaking is a good way to explore the sea and beaches by your own. It is fund and you do some work out. It has a great Zip line at Las Cabanas Beach and it was a lot of fun, even though we have not always been convinced by the security of the equipment. Anyhow, no risk no fun. 
Palawan is a paradise for lay backed beach life with spectacular places. Food and drinks are cheap. Some nicer restaurants have moderate prices. Most tourists are bag backers; a few exclusive resorts exist. Palawan is definitely a great place to make wonderful vacation. 


VIDEO (5:56) von  Berit Maria Pedersen