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Bohol und die Chocolate Zipline

TRIPPED finally arrives in South East Asia by kicking things off with a few weeks in Bohol Island, Philippines. Bohol is located just south of the city of Cebu. What’s on the bucket list for Bohol? Chocolate Hills and plenty of beach time! 

Bohol Philippines is known best for being home to the Chocolate Hills. Over 1,500 brownish hills ripped straight from the screen of Super Mario World. Doesn’t sound exciting? Totally understand. It’s a bit tough to make hills sound thrilling, but these are easily the most interesting hills this planet has to offer. 

Additionally, there’s plenty of island to discover by scooter and the Diemers log in plenty of hours at Alona Beach while people try to sell them whale shark tours.

While at Chocolate Hills, the Diemers spy bikes floating through the sky E.T. style? Why is this? Chocolate Hills Adventure Park (CHAP) is located just short scooter ride away from the Chocolate Hills tourist spot and has ziplining, tree adventures, and the perhaps the coolest thing- a bike ride through the sky. Allison is brave enough to balance on two wheels while Tim meekly hides on the ground but offers to pilot the drone. 




VIDEO (9:09) von WorldTraveler | HD