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Private Inselhüpftour in Coron

There's nothing wrong with doing the normal island hopping tour in Coron, Palawan, but for a little more cash you'll get the boat (and if you're lucky some of the islands) all to yourself. You'll also get to visit whatever you want, whenever you want and won't be limited to only seeing one of the cool spots. 

In this tour we visited: 

- Kayangan Lake
- Barracuda Lake
- Smith Beach (where we ate lunch)
- Twin Lagoon

We did some snorkeling, too but it was cut a little short thanks to our boat drivers hitting a rock with the propellor (not good). 

Here are other things you should know about this tour: 

- a regular tour will usually stop at one cool place for around P750
- our private tour cost P850 each plus all of the entrance fees to the different places (which you have to pay regardless of the tour)
- we also bought some food to cook, which cost around P350 for both of us -- we also fed the two boatmen
- we had Kayangan Lake to ourselves for an hour so we stayed there for a long time (which you can do if you're on a private tour)
- if you want to do a private tour you can go down past the town circle and the old market and ask the boat drivers to tour you around
- the boat driver quoted us P2000 but he quickly dropped to P1700 so I'm sure you could get it even lower if you wanted to
- if you can get a group of 6-8 people to go with you, I'm sure you'll get an even better deal

Go out there and have fun!


VIDEO (7:40) von  Hup Learns Chinese