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Alona Beach auf Panglao entdecken


Heiraten in Hongkong
Heiraten in Hongkong

In todays bohol travel vlog we will be exploring bohol alona beach situated in Panglao Philippines. Alona beach is the tourist area in bohol and is the main area were tourist go to.

Today we set off from tagbilaran city and headed to alona beach in bohol panglao area. As we got close to alona beach we see the surroundings change from forrests and greenery to shops restraunts and tour operators so we new we had made it.

Alona beach is surprisingly decent as we was expecting a busy touristy unclean beach, nothing like the pristine beaches we have seen through out the philippines so far. However the water was a nice light colour of blue that you would expect from the philippines. The only downside was the amount of boats that packed the sea shore, but i guess these are the boats that take people on the alona beach tours so its just one of those things.

The drone showed us a much prettier version of alona beach than what we could see on the ground. Exploring beaches with drones is just the best way to see just how nice a beach really is. Although pretty much every beach in the Philippines looks incredible.

The purpose of the trip to alona beach was mainly to save some money because its so easy to go over budget on things and what perfect way to recoup a few pounds than to explore a beach in the philippines. All backpackers need cheap days sometimes.

Overall exploring alona beach was decent enough, theres definitely better beaches if being in tourist areas isn't your thing. But its still good enough for this area with lots of shops and stuff close by.

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