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Schwimmen mit Schildkröten und Delphinen

Today we got to go Swimming with turtles in Philippines, incredible scenes while dolphin watching & we went to virgin island sandbar. The best of exploring the philippines.

We was so excited when we see that pamilican tours take you swimming with turtles that we instantly booked it up. Little did we no that we also will be dolphin watchin and going to a sandbar we couldnt believe that this would be a proper exploring day.

We got picked up at 5:30am and was on the boat by 6am heading out to find the dolphins. We was expecting to see maybe 10 or so but we saw hundreds, we was gobsmacked. All of a sudden a massive pod of dolphins could be seen jumping out the water about 300 metres out heading straight for us.We couldnt believe our luck they went straight past us it was absolutly incredible.

After dolphin watching we had lunch and went exploring pamilican island then headed out for some of the best snorkling we have ever done. We saw a huge school of jack fish aswell as lots of little fish and star fish. Our tour guide put star fish and sea cucumbers in ur hands. The snorkling area is a sanctuary so you can only go out with a guide which is great for protecting the snorkling area.

After snorkling we headed towards balicasag island were we will hopefully be swimming with turtles and exploring the pristine waters, we didnt no you could go swimming with turtles in the philippines except on apo island which is why we booked this tour fast. We found about 6 turtles but they was around 7+ meters below but 1 turtle came up for air and we got the most incredible shot of him. That was the shot we wanted to be able to tick swimming with turtles off on our bucket list. Such a great part of the day.

Last but not least we arrived on virgin island sandbar, we have both been so excited to finally be going to a sandbar in the philippines, especially because we didn’t no there was a sandbar on virgin island. So we flew the drone around virgin island sandbar and took in the breath taking views. It felt like a we had ticked off so many life goals. Flying over pristine sandbars in philippines is what its all about for us and swimming with turtles and dolphin watching.

It truthfully was a incredible day that every person surely has to experience, Its still hard to believe that we have been swimming with turtles in philippines flying drones over pods of 100’s of dolphins and walked across sandbars on virgin island, what a day exploring the philippines.


VIDEO (16:24) von  Coshan Uncharted