Sidecarboys von Manila

The Pedicab locally known as Sidecar is a three wheeled bicycle with a covered rear seat for customers.

Like a bicycle rickshaw, this form of transportation is powered by human pedal power. Its the least expensive form of transportation in the Philippines, pedicab fares range from 3 peso to 5 pesos. Driving the Sidecar may be one of the most difficult occupations in the world, drivers are often ill due to the heat exposure, exhausting work, and constant sweating.

They were called Sidecarboys.

This is the story of 3 different generations in driving Sidecar. Arnaldo Paltoto is in his mid 30ies. He is handicapped but he is still enjoying his job despite all his hardships in Life. While 58 year old Del Reyes looks back on a satisfied life beeing a Sidecarboy from the beginning, 11 year old Jonathan has just started his career as a driver.


Unter der Rubrik folgenden Rubrik werden weitere soziale Themen angesprochen mit mehr entsprechenden Videos:



VIDEO (8:14) von Christopher Wieser


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