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Itbayat und Sabtang mit der reisenden Gretl

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This week we explore Itbayat and Sabtang!

Especially Itbayat get’s overlooked by many visitors of the Batanes region. NOTE article is coming up!!! Both are beautiful islands, with their own charm. What you’ll find here will be peace, quiet, nature and beautiful people!

What I saw in Itbayat: A local Filipino wedding in Raile (if I remember correctly) Torongan Cave Torongan Hills Viewdeck Rapang Cliff Paganaman port Sleeping: In Itbayat I slept at Miss Cano’s place.

What I saw in Sabtang: I combined the two tours Sabtang has, so to see all of the island. Savidug village Chamantad Tinyan viewpoint Morong Beach Malakdang Lighthouse Limestone Arc Formation I slept at miss Margie’s place in Sabtang. A driver just brought me here since many of the other guesthouses were fully booked. Note that all guesthouses cost 300 pesos – no matter where you sleep!




VIDEO (8:02) von Travel Gretl


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