Der unterirdische Fluss von Palawan


Going to Palawan this year I had to visit the Underground River in Sabang, Puerto Princesa. Or fully called: the Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park. We go by boat, and take the jungle tour (monkey trail) back.


NOTE! If you’re a foreigner and you try to book a room in Sabang – the Sabang in PUERTO GALERA is a different one from the one in PUERTO PRINCESA. You might end up booking a room in a totally different place, so please be careful

- Tekst: Going from Port Barton to the Underground River will only take you half a day by mini van and tricycle. After arriving in Sabang I check in at the hotel it’s time for a little walk around town.

BEELD There are a lot of resorts in here, for every budget. Please do realize this Sabang is NOT the same as the Sabang in Puerto Galera! I found fellow tourists booking a room in the wrong place, ending up paying twice. Well the main attraction around here, of course, is the Underground River. Attracting many locals and foreigners every day. It’s best to go early in the morning. You’ll be first in line, avoiding hours of waiting! Remember the desk opens at 8. You will need to find a group of 6 people in total to share a boat. And when you’ve found your group, you’re good to go!

BEELD I’m very excited we’re almost in. Remember it’s not allowed to talk inside. It will be only the bats singing here….

BEELD The sculptures passing by are amazing to see. Just imagine how long it would’ve taken for nature to create it exactly like you see it today. And this is only a small part of the entire river, which is 8.2 kilometers in total. New caves, river channels and even small waterfalls have been discovered quite recently. That makes me wonder: what more would there be hiding in here?

BEELD And then there’s daylight again! Well you could go back the same way you entered, but if you’re up for stretching your legs, you better go by jungle…

BEELD Our guide explains a lot about the nature that surrounds us. We even find some… We’re real archeologists here! No, just kidding. The whole walk is definitely worth the detour though. Ending up at a beautiful place as well….


VIDEO (5:39) von Travel Gretl