Afrohaarschnitt in Surigao

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i took the plunge today getting my very first filipino haircut in surigao city.

I have wanted to get my haircut for a while actually but just opted letting cody do it for me. We left siargao because it was constantly raining and couldn’t really do a lot more there with it raining often so we left and headed towards surigao.

We got the ferry from Del Carmen as was around 220 pesos each. On landing in surigao city we decided it is time i got deeper in filipino culture by getting my first Filipino haircut.

When i walked in to the Filipino barbers i was half expecting them to say no because they have never cut afro hair before. But the barber took the challenge like a boss, although it was probably his first time cutting afro hair he handled the pressure well. My first Filipino haircut was a great experience and the guys in the shop seemed quite happy that i came into there shop to have it cut. This was the cheapest ever haircut i have ever had and at a very good quality. My Filipino haircut cost me 40 pesos from surigao city, i gave him 60 for doing a good job as he surprised me.

Overall getting my haircut here was totally fine and i had no need to be nervous at all. Now i feel even more Filipino now i have had my first Filipino haircut.


VIDEO (5:24) von Coshan Uncharted


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