Buko Pandan Limonade


Buko Pandan Drink with sago and gulaman is another summer treat that will surely help to cool you down. This refreshing drink (Samalamig or Palamig as we Filipinos call it) is usually sold along with other popular Filipino street food like Kwek-Kwek, Tokneneng, Fishball, Calamares, Dynamite, Squid Balls, Turon, Banana Cue, Maruya, Kamote Que and many others.

There are many drinks or palamig Philippines has to offer, there’s buko juice, melon juice, sago at gulaman, calamansi juice but buko pandan drink has more flavor and has some treat on it (along with the buko pandan flavor this drink has young coconut meat, sago(tapioca pearl) and green gulaman (gelatin) that everybody loves to chew on) its like a full snack (you have a drink and a snack on one very refreshing drink).

Once you serve this to your family and friend it will surely be a big heat.


VIDEO (2:16) von SarapChannel