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Die besten drei Märkte in Manila

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During my third day in Manila I decided to visit the best wet markets in the city. I hired my uber driver James, and here are the three wet markets you must visit while in Manila!

Our first stop is the Farmers Market Araneta Cubao. This is a massive wet and dry market in Quezon City. We explored the seafood, meats, poultry, vegetables and then headed to the Dampa to have some lunch.

Next stop is Mega Q-Mart, another huge market in Quezon City. The layout is a bit different, and there fruits section is probably the biggest fruit market I have ever seen.

Lastly, we headed to the Seaside Seafood & Wet Market in Parañaque City. This is the best place in Metro Manila to get seafood. They sell only live seafood and there are small restaurants boarding the market so you can buy your fish or shellfish and go eat it right away.

This was an awesome experience, I suggest you all try visiting at least one of these wet markets when you’re in Manila!




VIDEO (18:40) von Davidsbeenhere


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