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Inseln, wo Touristen kaum hinkommen

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Today we are traveling to Tambaliza island were tourists don’t go.

We will be spending 1 night here and explore what tambaliza has to offer. Tambaliza is home to Pan De Azucar mountain which stands at around 1850ft. Tambaliza is one of 17 islands located in a quite town called concepcion in iloilo.

Concepcion is not so well known to foreign tourists. Mainly local tourists come here but it is still not so popular, so these islands remain just how they have always been as tourists dont go there.

Tambaliza island has 1 main accommodation as far as we saw which was junbee island resort. Power runs for just 4 hours per day from around 6pm until 10pm. There you can have your lunch and dinner made for you or you can take food with you for them to cook.

This island is the most chilled and relaxing island we have found in the Philippines so far. If you want a relaxing trip and great views of nature then come to tambaliza. You can also climb the mountain if you love hard hiking. Concepcion really does have some incredible untouched islands not ruined by tourists and we just loved our time here staying at junbee island resort.




VIDEO (12:47) von Coshan Uncharted


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