Der öffentliche Markt von Davao



This is Bankerohan Public Market in Davao City PHilippines

These area is huge. There is an area for Whole sales and retailers. The wholesalers are more to the inner side of the market. From fruits, vegetables, seafoods, meats. This is the area. But you have to explore the place.

Basically, I find that anywhere in Davao city area is safe. So when you go to inner part of Bankerohan, the people are friendly. They even pose for me when I was taking videos.

coming here early evening I find it more varieties as those people from far away bringing their supplies here in Bankerohan Public Market Davao City Philippines I would recommend, that when you come here, you have to be neutral, do not expose that you carry much money. Try to be friendly but keep your belonging secure as not to lure those people who is really in need.

I like Davao city really.



VIDEO (5:38) von Elvie Lins