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Unglaubliches Straßenessen bei Aling

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We had incredible filipino street food at Aling Sosing’s Carinderia in Makati Manila.

Makati City is the financial district of Manila and caters to thousands of people for breakfast lunch and dinner every day. We tried the best Philippines street food at this little restaurant serving traditional filipino food day in and day out.

We started off with the famous pork chops they prepare on the grill, then continued with grilled Tilapia, braised beef, pork neck and a hearty beef and pork broth all served with plenty of chillies and kalamanis.

This Filipino street food meal is we won’t forget and can’t wait to get more of it. We were so happy we discovered this restaurant on the Mark Wiens street food channel. If you don’t know Mark Wiens – Mark is a Youtuber that travels the world and discovers local and fusion cuisine but focusses on the best street food in every city with his website Migrationology he provides his experiences to millions of viewers every day.


VIDEO (5:55) von Making it happen Vlog


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