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Guisi Strand & Leuchturm

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Today we are exploring guimaras islands best beach, guisi beach.

Guisi beach lighthouse is the second oldest lighthouse in the philippines. Also we will be eating the best mangos in the philippines which are only grown in guimaras. For our first day we hired a bike for the day for 500 pesos (we didnt try to negotiate a better pricefor some reason) which our accomodation called czech guesthouse organised for us. The owners at czech guesthouse told us the best beach on the island is guisi beach which is around 30 mins bike ride away through nice quiet village roads and hills. You can park your bike for free at the designated area by guisi beach which is great. Once you get to the bottom of the stairs you will be greeted with bright blue turquoise water which the Philippines is well known for. Guisi beach is kept very clean and only has a handful of boats there, there was 2 or 3 other foreigners there but we can tell that foreigners dont really reach this beach.

A short walk along the beach and you will reach guisi lighthouse, this lighthouse is the second oldest lighthouse in the whole of the Philippines and is a good history lesson if you like these types of things. You can walk around the ruins and also get a good view of the beach and water to. You can buy drinks ect on your way up to guisi lighthouse from the locals selling goods. Last but not least we bought some mangos from the fruit sellers along the side of the road.

Never have either of us tasted mangos this good! they are incredibly sweet and juicy by far the best we have ever tasted. Guisi beach and lighthouse are amazing things to do if you ever visit guimaras island, the best island in the Philippines for mangos




VIDEO (21:49) von Coshan Uncharted


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