Am weißen Strand von Palani



Todays is our first full day at white beach in palani masbate philippines, this is one of the best beaches in masbate with pure white sand and crystal clear water like you would expect from the philippines.

Philippines has some incredible beaches yet white beach in masbate has nobody on it, its like nobody outside of masbate knows about it. The beach is 12km long of pure perfection, its similar to nacpan beach but without the sea lice that sting and itch you like at nacpan beach.

Nacpans also attracts a lot of tourists wereas here in masbate white beach there was no tourists when we arrived. There are plenty of accommodations along the beach you can stay at, prices are a little more expensive here surprisingly.

We assumed masbate would be quite cheap because not a lot of tourists come here but actually its quite expensive with prices for a room around 1200-1600 at palani per night. Although it is expensive, what you get in return is well worth it. Filipinos may get a cheaper price perhaps, but the tranquility here in masbate is well worth the price.

This is why we love the philippines... these hidden gems are what make the philippines our favorite place and why we keep coming back.




VIDEO (14:26) von Coshan Uncharted