Sind die Philippinen das beste Reiseland in Südostasien?



I simply couldn't resist and I decided to come back to Philippines, because you can simply not get too much of Philippines 😉 The Philippines are definitely one of the best and most beautiful countries not only in Southeast Asia but probably in the whole world!

This time around my friends and I spent a couple of days in Boracay, just relaxing, partying, enjoying beautiful white sand beaches and blue water, and then we travelled to Cebu where we did the Canyoneering trip to breathtaking Kawasan Falls (where we jumped from 15 meter high waterfall), Aansh got a tattoo at a random little tattoo studio in the middle of Moalboal and we finished the trip with snorkeling among sardine run. Definitely one of my best trips to Southeast Asia!


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VIDEO (10:36) von byKaja