Doku über die Seezigeuner der Philippinen

!! DIE BILDER KÖNNEN AUF EINIGE PERSONEN SCHOCKIEREND WIRKEN !! The BAJAU tribe are nomadic SEA GYPSIES. They can be found in SE Asia, Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines, with numbers around 100,000. Traditionally, the Bajau, even today, live mostly on the sea. Back in the 1960’s all Bajau lived on houseboats, cooking and washing […]

Badjaos schwimmende Schule

Millions of indigenous children in southern Philippines are deprived of a formal education. They belong to a poor, nomadic community that was driven out of coastline areas during an armed rebellion. A sailing school is reaching out to different communities so that hundreds of children are able to attend classes. VIDEO (2:21) von Aljazeera English