Banaue – Reisterrassen aus der Luft


I shot some epic drone footage in Banaue and got seriously lost in the rice terraces here in the Philippines today.

It was another Philippines travel vlog today. I'm still absolutely loving my time here, and having a blast exploring the country.
On this episode of the vlog, I head out on a hike through the rice terraces and villages around Banaue. This part of the Philippines is full of rice terraces, and lots of associated villages. Many of these villages are only accessible by foot. I decided to hike between a couple of them today. Both Tam-an and Poitan were places I stopped in. On the way, I also filmed some pretty epic Banaue drone footage with my Phantom 4.
Of course, my adventure in Banaue wasn't without misadventure. I managed to get lost in the rice terraces after flying the drone the first time and ended up completely covered in mud from the wander off the main trail between Tam-am and Poitan. It wasn't until later that I realized that it would have been a great idea to use the drone to scout out the trail.
As has been the case in many of these Philippines vlogs, the weather wasn't on my side again today. Upon returning to Banaue the rain punched back through the valley killing my plans to head up and work the drone at the Banaue rice terraces as well as get some photos. Hopefully on the vlog tomorrow I'll be able to head that way and get some images.
I have a couple more days here in Banaue, so expect a little bit more epic drone footage from this part of the Philippines.
I have a month in the Philippines, so there's still loads of cool content from this country on my 2017 trip coming.



VIDEO (6:52) von Brendan van Son