Die Agta sind die Wächter der Sierra Madre

The Sierra Madre Mountain Range is a key biodiversity area and one of the few remaining intact primeval forest in Luzon in the Philippines. As a key biodiversity area, the Sierra Madre Mountains is one of the pilot REDD+ sites in the Philippines.

It is also the home of the Agta-Dumagat tribe, hunter-gatherers who have inhabited the islands for at least 35,000 years. The Agta-Dumagats are among the indigenous cultures endangered to the point of extinction.

Keepers of the Forest: The Agta-Dumagat of The Sierra Madres explores the relationship of the Agta-Dumagat people to the forest, to the lowlanders and to the socio-political factors that impact on their way of life, and to their continuing struggle to secure tenure over their ancestral domain.


VIDEO (11:02) von Leonard Reyes