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Freizeitspaß mit Team Motorboot in Balabac

The Balabac Adventure

This was supposed to be a solo trip, then 11 cool individuals signed up to accompany me to what would become an adventure of a lifetime! And at the last minute, I received a mysterious text message from a lady solo traveller, and to cut the story short, she also ended up on my boat and would become the 13th member of Team Motorboat! How our team name came to be? I'm not saying! 😉

Balabac is a group of islands located at the southern most tip of Palawan. Due to proximity, the communities there easily trade and conduct business with our Malaysian brothers in Sabah. Even there ice comes from Sabah!

How did we get there:

From Puerto Princesa, we rented a van that drove us 5 hours to the town of Rio Tuba. From Rio Tuba, it's a another 3.5 hours boat ride to Balabac.

The adventure highlight:

It was a 5-day epic trip. We explored paradise islands all to ourselves! No other souls in sight! We played with starfish kingdoms and stingrays, and walked strips of sandbars that looked like highway to heaven.

Food was delish! It was seafood galore and crabs were overflowing! And just like brothers and sisters, imagine the chaos at the start of the meal and the sudden silence when everyone's hungry tummy was delightfully satisfied.

In between island hopping, we entertained ourselves with games! We played "369" like professionals, luh! We chanted "tinapay" like a spell. We laughed like there is no tomorrow! 😬


We also took the opportunity to give back to the locals by distributing medicines and vitamins to children and adults. This was made possible by the generous donations of our friends and the Team Motorboat. To everyone who extended support, our deepest gratitude!


Noch einige Tipps:

Das südliche Balabac auf Palawan


VIDEO (4:27) von Yob Red