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Fahrt von Tabuk in Kalinga nach Bangued in Abra

A picturesque journey from Tabuk,Kalinga to Bangued,Abra.

It took us 7 hours trip from Tabuk,Kalinga to Bangued,Abra.The road has not been very kind to us.The Tabuk side of the road had almost been cemented but because of the previous typhoons,Lawin and Karen most parts of the road had been destroyed(landslide, erosions ).

I still remember 15 years ago in going to Sagada from Banaue,the road was so narrow and you have to find a space for your car to give way to another.The tire of my 4x4 car bursted maybe because of the sharp stones on the road.We seldom met a car on the way.From Tabuk (I have a separate Vlog on Tabuk taken last year),we passed the boundary of municipalities of Lubuagan and Pasil then the municipality of Balbalan.

It is in the boundary of Lubuagan and Pasil that we found an authentic Kalinga restaurant, called the Bangyan House managed and owned by Mr. Max Duguing,the place serves also as a sanctuary to some Philippine owls, eagles and the musang.It was about 8 pm when we arrived the boundary of Kalinga and Bangued.The temperature was 10 to 12 celsius,and on that top of the mountain we had cp signal for Globe and assured my wife that we are ok and instructed us to stop on the nearest hotel or homestay for safety reasons.




VIDEO (8:50) von Antonio Corado