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Wir verlassen Inanpulugan

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Today we are leaving the private island of inampulugan and moving to a different side of guimaras island.

We are staying at Jannah glycel for 1 night , which is also a good place to spend a few days. At jannah glycel they have a private beach there with options for island hopping and visiting the floating cottages there were you can jump into the water from and other things.

There is a cave you can go in on your island hopping tour also which is what a local told us. We would of loved to spend a extra day here but time did not allow. From the short time we spent here we would recommend to stay for 2 nights. 1 day for island hopping and the 2nd day to relax.

We also highly recommend visiting inampulugan private island for 2-3 days, 1 day for island hopping, 1 day for possibly exploring inampulugan island by foot, then 1 day relaxing at the pool or beach.

As far as private islands go guimaras island has the cheapest private island we have found so far in inampulugan, the standard is very high for the low price you pay.

There are many private islands to find in the philippines, we will do our best to find more.




VIDEO (19:44) von Coshan Uncharted


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