Pasig Fluss Säuberung



On April 21st, 2018, the Philippine Coast Guard Auxiliary, PCGA 126th Squadron led the cause for an Earth Day Event cleaning up the Pasig River. The objective of the event was to bring awareness to the importance of segregating household waste and disposing of our garbage properly. Two of our chapters sent participants who volunteered to do their part! Both the students from Best Buddies GGIS and from Best Buddies DLSZ took home an incredible learning experience full of more appreciation for Mother Earth.

"Taga-Ilog will continue its work with private sector and non-governmental partners, including PMFTC, Adapt Philippines, American Chamber of Commerce, Best Buddies Philippines, Golden Gate International School, EnEco, the American Association of the Philippines, the American Women’s Association, the Canadian Chamber of Commerce and others to explore how the private sector can support the short-term waste management needs of crowded communities along the Pasig."




VIDEO (1:50) von Best Buddies Philippines