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Insel Cagbalete in Mauban, Quezon

Hello! This vid was made in 2014, so the information given here is outdated. If you're planning a trip to Cagbalete Island, please contact the local tourism office.

Mauban Tourism Office
Facebook page:
Email address:
Landline: (042)784-1205/713-0314/713-0345

How we got to Cagbalete Island:

1. Take the JAC Liner Bus from Kamias going to Lucena
2. From Lucena Grand Terminal, take the mini bus going to Mauban
3. Ask to be dropped off at the market (where you can buy food and drinks before heading to Cagbalete Island)
4. Ride a tricycle to Mauban port
5. Pay the environmental fee (50 PHP per head)
6. Ride the passenger boat (100 per head) or rent a boat (from 3000-5000 depending on number of passengers)
7. Touchdown Cagbalete Island~

Villa Noe Beach Resort contact number:


Our room (for 6-8 pax since that was the only one available) costs 3000 PHP per night.

Budget for Cagbalete Island per person (5 pax):

BUS: 218 x 2 = 436
MINIBUS: 54 x 2 = 108
TRIKE: 10 x 2 = 20
BOAT: 152 (We rented and shared it with other people who were going to Villa Noe; 33 pax)
ACCOMMODATIONS: 500 (one of our companions backed out, but she paid her share of the rooms)
FOOD: 300 (we brought our own)

TOTAL: 1566 PHP (approximately $35) for an overnight stay. Not bad, eh?

I strongly suggest going to this place. But it's best to go around November or December, when it isn't too hot. Remember: electricity on this island only runs from 6PM - 6AM (actually 5AM) So charge all your gadgets during that time.